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Review by Dr. J.J. Hurtak

Dr. John DeSalvo’s book, Andrew Jackson Davis, The First American Prophet and Clairvoyant,  has given the reader sterling insights into the remarkable life of Andrew Jackson Davis who outpaced Edgar Cayce, America’s sleeping prophet, Charles Darwin, and many other modern seers with their own writings on spirituality, the complexity of evolutions, and astrophysical predictions on the discovery of planets that would be called Neptune and Pluto. We owe a debt to DeSalvo for his rediscovery of a very important lost text-- Davis’; The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations and a Voice to Mankind (1847). This book stands as a masterpiece on the unknown dimensions referred to as the ‘Higher Spheres,’ and a witness of the future which will be revealed in our live time.

In his book on Andrew Jackson Davis, Dr. DeSalvo gives us a resourceful overview of a man who was able to go backwards and forwards in time, summon knowledge, and receive revealed wisdom specifically relevant to many fields of investigation and science. The formula of liberation is simple but difficult in its humility. When the human mind is freed from its mind-setting organization, it passes into the experience of the Great Illuminator. Davis also correctly introduces a new physics for our time with an understanding of the ‘ether’ as the real background for vacuum technology or what is called in The Keys of Enoch® the ‘zero-point field.’  Indeed,  Davis predates Einstein with his call for the ‘One Grand General Law’ that governs the activities of all particles of life, a proto-theory for what is now called the Grand Unification Theory (GUTs) in the examination of the models of cosmogenesis. In short, DeSalvo’s book is recommended for all who wish to experience the higher quest wherein science and spirituality come together.

  --- Dr. J.J. Hurtak. Ph.D., Ph.D., Author of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®,
        President of the International Academy for Future Science



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Most people I know have never heard of Andrew Jackson Davis (AJD). If I mention his name, they think I am referring to President Andrew Jackson or maybe one of Jefferson Davis’ relatives. I only came upon his name while researching the question on whether Abraham Lincoln was interested in spiritualism. I found a reference that Abraham Lincoln met and received council from AJD. So, I decided to buy some of his books and research this connection. I started reading his first and main work, The Principles of Nature, published in 1847, which is over 700 pages long. I could not put it down. Here in front of me was the philosophy and spirituality that I have been searching for all my life and answers to some of the most significant spiritual questions that I have been asking.

What is so fascinating about AJD is the way he obtained this higher knowledge. He claimed to be able to enter into a higher consciousness or dimension (he calls it a higher sphere) and observe the world and the universe with a higher awareness. At the time he received this gift, he was about 19 years old and fairly uneducated. Up to this time, he only had five months of education and never read more than six books. His first book, The Principles of Nature, reveals new and prophetic information in the sciences, including astronomy, physics, biology, metaphysics, medicine, philosophy, education, spirituality, government, and many other areas. It has to be one of the most all encompassing books of knowledge and prophecy ever written. Some of his predictions in the sciences and astronomy have only recently been shown to be true.

An interesting connection that I have with AJD is his interest in Egyptology. AJD said that it is important to research ancient Egypt and its monuments since it would shed light on our ancient origins. I have been the Director of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association for the past five years and when I first read about this in his book, this truly caught my attention.

Why should I write a book on Andrew Jackson Davis? What can I contribute? As I was reading through Davis’s Principles, it dawned on me that he was describing scientific principles and laws before they had been discovered. I realized that the average person might not pick up on the modern technological significance. How many would recognize the scientific principles and concepts that I was trained in?

The main question is, why hasn’t anyone else discovered these things? Very few people know about AJD and even fewer have read his works. Of those, how many are scientists and can recognize these principles like I have? Davis has been lost in obscurity for the last 100 years, just at a time when many of his scientific predictions were coming true. I am also unusual in that I have a very broad background in the sciences that includes physics, astronomy, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and biology. In addition, I have been very interested in paranormal phenomena and alternative research. I believe that this diverse background and interest in the paranormal is the perfect combination to study and write about AJD.

Also, how many scientists would even consider reading the works of a 19th century Seer and Clairvoyant who was uneducated and claimed to have received his knowledge from a higher realm? So I think I have found my niche.

My purpose in writing this book is to introduce you to the life and writings of Andrew Jackson Davis and encourage you to read his works. That is why I took the approach of using direct quotes whenever possible rather than to rewrite what he had said. Also, since he has written over 30 books, and his major work, The Principles of Nature is over 700 pages, I wanted to give an overview for those who do not have the time or motivation to read his books in their entirety.

After I discovered Andrew Jackson Davis, I decided to postpone my book on Abraham Lincoln and just write one on this amazing Prophet. After my first draft, I realized that it would be more complete if I added a chapter on Abraham Lincoln’s interest and involvement in spiritualism. I had spent much time researching this for my book and had most of the materials. I think this is very appropriate since it seems very probable that Lincoln did know and consult with Andrew Jackson Davis and Davis was also considered the most famous spiritualist at that time.

It is also known that Davis used psychometry (obtaining information psychically by holding an object) in his later years as a Doctor to diagnosis his patients. Law enforcement officers sometimes use psychometry to help locate bodies or other objects involved in a crime. For over a year, I have been researching and trying to identify an interesting Lincoln assassination relic which I owned. I finally came to a dead end. After learning about Davis’ use of psychometry, I decided to apply this method to the relic. Using a psychometrist, I was able to solve the mystery of this relic and I have included a chapter on this. I believe that these two additional chapters will add greatly to the book and help illustrate many of the ideas and methods of Andrew Jackson Davis.

I have also included in the appendix the prophetic dreams of Abraham Lincoln, along with a rare Civil War diary that records day by day the events of his assassination. This is reproduced for the first time, as well as a rare photograph of Ford’s Theatre taken the day after the assassination.

This book will take you on a journey and you will also learn something about Abraham Lincoln that you may not have known before.

I wish you well in your spiritual search and invite you to explore the world of Andrew Jackson Davis.

Table of Contents


Dedication and Acknowledgments




Chapter 1
The Life of Andrew Jackson Davis


Using photographs and illustrations, the life of Andrew Jackson Davis is narrated from his birth to his death. The chapter is highlighted with interesting stories from his personal experiences.


Chapter 2
First Book and Higher Spheres


The history and process of how he produced his first and major work is discussed in detail from what we know of his accounts and from the people who knew him. Davis initially had to be magnetized to go into a trance state to receive his higher information. Later, he did not need a magnetizer and could enter this state at will. This chapter follows the history of this development with explanations in Davisí own words.


Chapter 3
Astronomical and Scientific Predictions


This chapter explores in detail many of Davisí scientific predictions and evaluates the accuracy of each. Many interesting scientific and historical photographs are included.


Chapter 4


Davis predicted the advent of Spiritualism in this country but did not always agree with the spiritualists and their activities. His views on Spiritualism and the controversy between him and spiritualist groups are discussed. Also discussed is the beginning of Spiritualism in America.


Chapter 5
The Death Process


Death, the greatest mystery of all time, is described and illustrated by Davis. The original drawings of the stages of death are based on his personal visions.


Chapter 6
The Hereafter or the Summer-Land


Everyone wants to know what happens after death. Davis describes the hereafter from his actual experience on being able to enter that sphere. This chapter gives hope to everyone regarding our eternal nature. 


Chapter 7
Abraham Lincoln, Spiritualism, & America


Did Abraham Lincoln know and receive advice from Andrew Jackson Davis? Was Lincoln a Spiritualist? This chapter tries to answer these questions and document Lincolnís presence at several sťances. 


Chapter 8
Lincoln Relic Identified by Psychometry


A Lincoln relic is researched and finally identified using psychometry. The story of this research is told with many interesting photos.


Chapter 9


What do Davis and his writings mean to us today? Is there a purpose in revitalizing his teachings? How is Davis so different from other prophets like Nostradamus and others? Why should we accept what Davis teaches us? What are the most important statements that Davis has made?


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Appendix F:
Appendix G:
Appendix H:
Appendix I:
Appendix J:
Appendix K:
Appendix L:
Appendix M:

Testimonies of Childhood
A Sermon on A. J. Davis    
Spiritual Declaration          
Testimony of Dr. Peebles
Edgar Cayce and A. J. Davis
Statements and Quotes
About Davis in 1909
Abraham Lincolnís Dreams
Lincoln Assassination Diary
Photo of Fordís Theatre
Books By and About A.J. Davis
Davis Internet Resources



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